EVT has released its Surface Inspection System, EyeSIS, a compact system with integrated software

EyeVision 2.5UR

EVT has updated the programming interface of the EyeVision version 2.5UR to be even more intuitive

EyeVision 2.5UR

The instruction set of EyeVision 2.5UR (Unified Release) from EVT has been expanded with two new commands


EVT has released the sensor series ES800Check for optical testing tasks. Resolutions range from ES800Check S at 640 x 480 pixels to ES800Check XL at 2,592 x 1,944 pixels

EyeVision 2.5 UR

EVT is to release EyeVision 2.5 UR on 1 June, creating a single software platform for a full range of hardware, including vision sensors and smart cameras, as well as PC-based platforms with standard access, such as GigE, USB, FireWire and Camera Link


EVT has released EyeDisplay, developed to display test results from the EyeVision systems removing the need for a PC


EVT has released the software extension EyePerfect, which provides fully automated control of the presence and absence, and size of components

EyeMultiView system

EVT has released its EyeMultiView system, which displays results of up to 16 observation cameras on one computer


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