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EVT has released its Surface Inspection System, EyeSIS, a compact system with integrated software. The system is suitable for surface inspection of aluminium, plastic, paper, glass as well as other materials. It detects scratches, cracks, dents, rust, inclusions as well as impurities on test components.

The system can be configured easily with a golden part. According to defined tolerances, it then differentiates between irregularities. Objects can be checked with different methods through several systems.

EyeSIS guarantees the user fast and consistent error detection. The system detects even minor defects due to a high scanning speed and high-resolution sensors. On the basis of these characteristics, EyeSIS is especially suited to adoption in quality assurance.

All detected errors and their classification can be transferred to a central computer via the EyeZIP protocol. The central computer can combine defects from several EyeSIS platforms in order to generate an overall result. The EyeView protocol with EyeZIP allows the user to transfer the evaluation data as well as the image data. The development of the EyeView protocol in combination with the EyeZIP protocol allows the user to access a clearly-arranged graphic display for up to 64 sensors.

EyeZIP possesses optional software interfaces to SAP, Oracle or to an SQL database, which allows transfer of results to an administration database. A direct interface to the SPC software is also available.


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