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EyeVision 2.5 UR

EVT is to release EyeVision 2.5 UR on 1 June, creating a single software platform for a full range of hardware, including vision sensors and smart cameras, as well as PC-based platforms with standard access, such as GigE, USB, FireWire and Camera Link.

EyeVision 2.5 supports the EyeVision sensors ES800 and ES900, the ES smart cameras 1xxx and 2xxx, PC-systems with camera access (GigE, USB 2.0 and Firewire (IEEE 1394 A/B), all cameras with DCAM profile, and Camera Link cameras, as well as analogue cameras. Furthermore the system supports all cameras from SVS Vistek, Imaging Solution Group and the Imaging Source.

EyeVision 2.5 also features revised high-speed algorithms, which guarantee the user a faster imaging processing for example by high-speed contour correlation. A further new highlight is the Process Designer, which allows the positioning and display of camera images and inspection results via drag-and-drop.


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