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EyeVision 2.5 with QR code reader

EyeVision 2.5 software from EVT is now equipped with a QR code reader. EyeVision software provides efficient code reading functions for DMC, bar code, OCR/OCV and now also QR, in combination with drag-and-drop programming by the intuitive use of the graphical user interface.

The QR code reader works by searching automatically for a QR code in the image field. It then recognises the code and reads its content, which can be a text, URL, or measured values.

Programming is via drag-and-drop functions of the graphical user interface of EyeVision software. The code reading system can be combined with the vision sensor series EyeCheck, which can be embedded in various process environments. The EyeCheck systems are available in various different specifications such as DMC, QR, bar code or OCR/OCV.


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