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SemiCheck sensor

EVT has introduced the SemiCheck sensor. The sensor, complete with the ChipControl command set, was developed specifically for the semiconductor industry.

The compact image sensor housing (65 x 158 x 98mm) contains complete evaluation software, lens and lighting. The system is equipped with a powerful processor, which can reach cycle times less than 100ms.

The software package ChipControl, which is based on the EyeVision software, was developed for the semiconductor industry. Software functions include mark and surface inspection, pin 1 inspection, in tape inspection, lead inspection, 2D in tape inspection, 3D lead coplanarity inspection LCI, incoming material inspection, wire check inspection, wafer and bluetape alignment, wafer ID reading, and dambar inspection.

The system is available with diverse lighting arrays, which can be attached directly. For demanding applications such as surface inspection, various sensors are available. All evaluation results can be transferred via integrated Ethernet interface.

The integrated EyeView protocol allows images and overlay data to be transferred to a controlling computer. The EyeView.DLL allows visualisation of up to 16 cameras on one monitor. Each sensor is equipped with a large on-board Flash memory.


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