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EyeVision 2.5UR

The instruction set of EyeVision 2.5UR (Unified Release) from EVT has been expanded with two new commands. The greyscale image correlation tool, EyePerfect, allows the user to detect errors easily while the high-capacity tool EyeQ allows the detection of defects on complex surfaces.

EyeVision 2.5UR is a single software platform for a full range of hardware, including vision sensors and smart cameras, as well as PC-based platforms. It also features revised high-speed algorithms.

The instruction set includes functionality for optical measurement and testing technology, for error detection, for surface inspection, for pattern matching, for colour inspection and for contour inspection. This also includes EyePerfect and EyeQ. EyePerfect was especially developed for an easy configuration and checking of objects. The tool detects the object and its rotation and checks immediately if the data conforms with a golden part. EyeQ allows users to define complex surface analysis quickly. The tool can be applied to greyscale images as well as to 3D point clouds.

EyeVision 2.5UR offers an adequate command for each application, ranging from simple measurement tasks to very complex image processing solutions. In the new version the revised smartMatch command is not only independent from its position and its rotation but the command is also scaling-invariant. For this reason smartMatch is a universal tool for all localisation tasks.

The numerous interfaces range from simple I/O to data transfer to SAP, to Oracle or to a SQL-data base and allow a simple data connection and data storage.


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