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EVT has released EyeDisplay, developed to display test results from the EyeVision systems removing the need for a PC. EyeDisplay is the ideal solu­tion for the manufacturing industry. The 7-inch touch-screen displays up to 16 result windows and through the EyeDesigner tool the user can position and zoom in and out of windows easily. Besides the standard Ethernet interfaces the system possesses a WLAN access.

The EyeVision software, used with the EyeSpector systems, allows the user to write image processing solutions in a fast and simple way. Information about defect characteristics is saved by the evaluation software and can be accessed via EyeDisplay. All images of up to 16 cameras can be surveyed in real-time.

All camera units can be controlled, new checking processes can be configured and all test results can be accessed easily via EyeDisplay. There is the possibility to access simple statistic modules as well as process controllers via optional software modules. EyeDisplay possesses all standard ports including USB, LAN and RS232.


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