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Image: Landemesse Stuttgart GmbH

Huge strides are being made in neural networks, but there are still significant challenges to implement a machine vision solution, according to experts at Vision

The GrAI Matter Labs team winning the award in Stuttgart. Credit: Landemesse Stuttgart GmbH

GrAI Matter Labs says its vision inference processor is 20 times more efficient in terms of inferences per second per Watt than a Google Edge TPU or an Nvidia Jetson NX

Image: Sony Semiconductor and Prophesee

Prophesee has won the Vision Award for its event-based approach to imaging. Greg Blackman speaks to Luca Verre, the firm’s CEO, about prospects for the technology


Image: Martial Red/shutterstock.com

14 October 2021

Kaman distributes more than six million items. The company has 220 locations across the US and Puerto Rico, with approximately 2,000 employees

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Image: Landemesse Stuttgart GmbH

08 October 2021

Christian Vollrath at Wenglor: ‘Compared with trade fairs featuring a machine vision area, the discussions are deeper and more detailed [at Vision Stuttgart].'

The GrAI Matter Labs team winning the award in Stuttgart. Credit: Landemesse Stuttgart GmbH

08 October 2021

GrAI Matter Labs says its vision inference processor is 20 times more efficient in terms of inferences per second per Watt than a Google Edge TPU or an Nvidia Jetson NX

Luca Verre, CEO of Prophesee collecting the award. Credit: Ingrid Mazzega

06 October 2021

Martin Wäny of the judging panel called event-based vision a 'new paradigm' in imaging technology

The Industrial Vision Days was attracting a crowd. Credit: Ingrid Mazzega

05 October 2021

Mark Williamson, the chairman of the board of VDMA Machine Vision, said that growth in the vision sector will be slowed by the shortage in electronic components

Image: Framos and GrAI Matter Labs

04 October 2021

The Life-Ready AI for industrial vision platforms will combine a vision inference processor from GrAI Matter Labs with Framos’s D435e depth camera

Image: Martial Red/shutterstock.com

28 September 2021

Hemetek is a provider of quality testing solutions for the packaging, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, polymer, plastic, and food and beverage industries in India

Analysis & opinion

Analysis & opinion

Electronics quality checks made using laser triangulation. Credit: Sick

28 September 2021

We ask four experts to give their advice for 3D imaging best practices

The Austrian Institute of Technology's 3D surface scanner. Credit: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

06 September 2021

The Austrian Institute of Technology, HD Vision Systems, Prophesee and Zeiss have been recognised by the judges, with the award to be presented at Vision in Stuttgart

Andreas Franz, CEO of Framos

19 August 2021

As Framos turns 40, we talk to the firm’s CEO, Andreas Franz, on diversifying into vertical markets outside factory automation



A 3D point cloud of a coin, which has metallic, glossy surfaces and a really fine surface structure. Credit: AIT

28 September 2021

Matthew Dale investigates the technology behind inline computational imaging

Intergro Technologies has several patents in machine vision. Credit: Intergro Technologies

28 September 2021

Keely Portway finds out how vision systems can be more tightly integrated within factory machinery

Credit: Messe Stuttgart

27 September 2021

Here’s some of what to expect when the trade fair opens its doors

White papers

Credit: Imago Technologies

From high-speed applications to tracking, vibration analysis and counting applications: event-based vision opens up new possibilities in numerous machine vision fields

Photometric stereo uses 3D surface orientation and its effect on reflected light to produce a contrast image accentuating local 3D surface variations, making complex inspections cheaper and more effective

Emergent Vision Technologies’ Zenith HZ-100-G 100GigE camera

The white paper presents a brief timeline of GigE Vision cameras; advantages of the interface; and information on using 10GigE up to 100GigE to stay on the leading edge of machine vision solutions in manufacturing and beyond


Image: Khing Choy/shutterstock.com

A rapid tour through some of the fastest imaging equipment and technology out there, with speakers from Optronis, Euresys, Scorpion Vision, and Gpixel

This webinar looked at new spectral imaging technology, including lighting techniques, prism-based cameras, and how it's used in food and waste sorting

This webcast presented the capabilities of some of the latest 3D vision equipment, including two triangulation sensors, new software tools, and a talk about capturing 3D scenes in motion

Press releases

18 October 2021

Slamcore has announced full compatibility of its SDK with Robot Operating System 2

18 October 2021

Active Silicon has introduced the newest addition to its Harrier range of cameras, delivering 4K resolution to imaging systems and vision applications.

18 October 2021

Teledyne e2v has introduced its Topaz series of industrial CMOS sensors with new 2MP and 1.5MP resolution devices

18 October 2021

Aivion has announced the TL9801, a small form factor CVBS analogue video output interface board for zoom block cameras

18 October 2021

Framos offering a content update for its CMOS camera training course in November. The speaker will be Prof Dr Albert Theuwissen

11 October 2021

The illumination combines up to 12 different SWIR wavelengths into a homogenous broadband spectrum

13 September 2021

The infrared camera with microscope optics from AT - Automation Technology offers numerous advantages when it comes to inspecting small components


Gemma Church explains how MidOpt optical filters improve colour imaging

Jools Hudson at Gardasoft Vision writes that to achieve reliable images needs careful design of lighting control

Detecting hair in jelly using Pekat Vision's Detector module trained with annotated images

Czech firm Pekat Vision writes about quality control projects it has solved in pharmaceutical and food inspection, both key markets that need to be kept running during the Covid-19 pandemic