White Papers

22 November 2022

Liquid lenses are arguably among the most interesting technological innovations in the field of optics and have also attracted a lot of attention in machine vision. In this white paper, we will discuss how Opto Engineering integrates liquid lenses into different types of optics to give them particular characteristics.

01 November 2022

In this new whitepaper, Optimizing Machine Vision Lighting for your Application, ProPhotonix's experts discuss optics, mechanics, electronics, firmware, and GUI options in detail providing application examples throughout.

27 October 2022

This white paper details how advances in camera and filter technology from Unispectral have opened up more applications in hyperspectral imaging across industrial and agricultural use cases

25 October 2022

Specifying an imaging system and getting the best performance out of a setup can sometimes feel like a minefield. This white paper reveals a few “hacks” to keep in mind when thinking about specifying a new setup or adjusting an existing one.

30 September 2022

The selection of optimal components for a line scan camera system is a complex task requiring extensive knowledge about cameras, optics and lighting.