White Papers

17 May 2023

Discover the power of silhouetting illumination as a technique by reading this informative White Paper.

03 February 2023

A proposal to break the speed ceiling of GigE Vision in a standardised and reliable way to meet the next generation of sensor sizes and speeds.

05 January 2023

This White Paper details why data is the core of any deep learning-based application, and that the tools for managing data and working with the deep learning algorithm are paramount to obtaining good results.

Bundle of synthetic fibers taken with dark field illumination in
reflection. Source Aura Optik GmbH

14 December 2022

This white paper presents a first-ever automated approach to digitalize spectral properties found on forensic trace carriers. By using high-performance Excelitas lenses and AI-driven software the few deviating traces on a trace carrier can be identified which can be decisive to solve a crime.

22 November 2022

Liquid lenses are arguably among the most interesting technological innovations in the field of optics and have also attracted a lot of attention in machine vision. In this white paper, we will discuss how Opto Engineering integrates liquid lenses into different types of optics to give them particular characteristics.