EyeVision version 2.5 R035

With the newly revised EyeVision version 2.5 R035, EVT presents the image processing software as a Long Time Support (LTS) system. EyeVision software now also supports webcams and the Kinect sensor

EyeScan 3D scanhead

EVT has developed the EyeScan 3D scanhead with the integrated evaluation software EyeVision 3D. This combination offers the user three-dimensional control of solar cell soldering


The compact design of EVT's EyeSpector with the completely integrated EyeVision software guarantees an exact and efficient image processing solution for robot vision


EVT has introduced the EyeStore, designed to save test results and images from various different smart cameras and smart sensors


EVT has released the ChipControl command set, a easy-to-handle software tool for the inspection of semiconductor and electronic components

EyeCheck-Reader systems

EVT has introduced its EyeCheck-Reader systems, designed to detect and read conventional codes such as QR-Codes, DMC, bar codes, OCR/OCV, colour ring codes, and pharmaceutical codes

SemiCheck sensor

EVT has introduced the SemiCheck sensor. The sensor, complete with the ChipControl command set, was developed specifically for the semiconductor industry

EyeScan LT 3D SH

EVT has introduced a system combining the EyeScan 3D software series with the 3D scan head from Vision Components

EyeVision 2.5 with QR code reader

EyeVision 2.5 software from EVT is now equipped with a QR code reader. EyeVision software provides efficient code reading functions for DMC, bar code, OCR/OCV and now also QR

EyeScan 3D system

EVT has integrated a Kinect sensor into its EyeScan 3D system. The expanded EyeVision system opens up new applications in robot control with the combination of a depth sensor and a normal camera


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