Vision and Control

vcwin 2.21

The version 2.21 that Vision & Control is now launching is a completely revamped version of its vcwin pro program with extensive new features

Vicosys multi-camera systems

The latest generation of multi-camera systems from Vision & Control has been announced and, according to the company, is twice as fast as its predecessor generation

T150/0.26-B lenses

Vision and Control has added the T150/0.26-B lenses to its T150 series from the Vicotar range of telecentric lenses

Pictor M48E Measure

Equipped with a special package of high-performance measuring algorithms, the Pictor low-end M48E Measure generation by Vision and Control allows exact measuring tasks to be made in industrial environments at an attractive price-performance ratio

Camat S48 Multi-Head

Image processing specialists Vision & Control has extended its vision sensor platform Camat to include the new generation of vision sensors, Camat S48 Multi-Head.

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