vcwin 2.21

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"vcwin" is the standard Windows-based programming environment for all image processing systems from Vision & Control. The company aims to offer powerful solutions consisting of optimally coordinated components. The vcwin programming environment and user interface for the simple and efficient handling of vision systems is a key element of this strategy. The version 2.21 that Vision & Control is now launching is a completely revamped version of its vcwin pro program with extensive new features. The latest version of vcwin can be downloaded free of charge from

New features make work easier for the user

vcwin is the graphic user interface for all vision systems from Vision & Control, making it the pivotal element for the application development of its users. To make their work as easy as possible, the vcwin pro 2.21 version comes with new tools that simplify both the task of integration and the work of operators.

The new version of the user interface allows applications for vision systems to be produced faster, more easily and more effectively. The program offers a host of new functions enabling machine vision professionals to create, simulate, test, debug, optimize and archive image processing test programs. Also new is the ability to integrate test images of the vision system into human-machine interfaces (HMI).

vcwin – the effective tool for creating image processing solutions

For 20 years vcwin's simplified user interface has been following the philosophy of parameterization rather than programming. This has made it possible to create even sophisticated high-speed and multi-camera applications without a high-level programming language. Test programs are compiled in a PLC-type language and programmed with the parameters required for the particular functions. The ability to test the settings immediately lowers the entry threshold even without knowledge of image processing.

This results from the tried-and-tested separation of the actual image processing on specialized hardware platforms of the vision systems on the one hand from the operation of the image processing program on the familiar Windows PC platform on the other.

The separation between image data processing and operation enables all systems, from the smart camera through the industrial PC, to be operated as standard using just one interface – vcwin®. This in turn allows the image processing firmware to be accessed on a wide variety of vision systems. The highly valued backward compatibility of vcwin® means that even long-lasting vision systems of former times can continue to be operated with the user interface of today.

Vision & Control is one of the few companies able to offer a "one-stop" range of fully coordinated component systems for industrial automation that are instantly ready to use. That's because "industrial image processing", in the company's philosophy, is more than just the sum of the individual parts: vision system, camera, lighting and optics are optimally coordinated to deliver seamless and customizable solutions.