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Smart LED lighting and vicolux DLC3005 controller

A new generation of smart LED lighting systems has been developed by Vision & Control with the promise of optimum luminous efficiency, high light intensity, high lighting parameter stability and adaptive overload protection. The LED lights are based on the company’s new vicolux® Smart Light technology and guarantee a high level of reliability in an industrial environment. Sensors built into the lights capture the relevant operating parameters, which the vicolux® DLC lighting controller then uses to optimize the control of the LEDs online. These smart LED lights and their characteristics are automatically detected by a DLC lighting controller. Individual settings can also be stored directly in the smart LED lights in the same way. The lights are therefore easy to integrate, require only simple handling and can be operated permanently or in flashing mode.

Lights with vicolux® Smart Light technology can be incorporated directly into the machine vision application, while the lighting parameters can be set and monitored using the Vision & Control lighting controller. The controller is connected to the light by means of a standard M8 connector. The lighting parameters can also be configured using a USB interface and web interface as alternative options to the controller’s operating controls. The light supplies its technical data, stored performance parameters, model type and serial number. The performance parameters can be adjusted optimally to the specific environmental conditions manually or by means of adaptive algorithms, with the built-in sensors protecting the lighting from overload. The digital technology provides for long-time stability of the lighting parameters and ensures settings are reproducible.

Lights with vicolux® Smart Light technology are easy to integrate and parameterize. Predefined installation holes - or installation systems available as an option - make it easier to integrate the lighting system into the plant. Standard cable systems are used for the wiring, while a built-in reverse voltage protection system prevents failure due to wiring problems. The light’s intuitive controller software allows even untrained users to apply settings effortlessly. The software also enables warning threshold values to be defined and monitors operational statuses. These smart LED lighting systems can also be operated using controllers supplied by other manufacturers.

Vision and Control has also introduced the vicolux DLC3005 digital lighting controller. It sets the future standard for LED lighting in the company‘s machine vision systems. The new controller fully reflects Vision & Control’s strategy of enabling customers to experience “the easy way to machine vision”. Featuring simple operation and ease of integration, it ensures that LED lighting delivers stable lighting conditions and high operational reliability in industrial environments. The controller monitors all lighting operating states online, and when appropriately configured it guarantees dependable, fault-free operation of the lighting within the defined performance limits. 

Featuring an enormous performance density and housed in a rugged, compact aluminum enclosure measuring only 74mm x 56mm x 21mm, the compact industrial-grade design of the digital lighting controller makes an immediate impression. A microprocessor monitors the lighting control function, ensuring stable lighting conditions with up to 95% efficiency. The universal digital inputs and industrial-grade standard connectors are compatible with SPS, NPN, PNP and TTL signals, making the controller easy to integrate into any system. All types of high-performance LED lighting can be operated with the controller in continuous or flash mode. Digital technology guarantees the reproducibility of the lighting settings. Rotary switches on the device are used to manually adjust the lighting parameters. In addition, lighting parameters can be software defined via the USB port and Web interface. Besides the two digital inputs, the controller also has two SPS-compatible digital outputs which can be used to poll the operating state and trigger cameras or lag-free switching operations. The vicolux DLC3005 digital lighting controller has an operating voltage range of 10V - 30V. Flash times of 20µs - 300 ms can be configured with a maximum trigger frequency of 1 kHz.

The controller monitors all lighting operating states online, and when appropriately configured it guarantees dependable, fault-free operation of the lighting within the defined performance limits. The status indicators on the controller front panel provide information on the operating state. Two versions of the new DLC3005 are available, either for direct mounting in the system or for attachment to a mounting rail. 


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