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Vicosys multi-camera system

Vision and Control has introduced the Vicosys multi-camera system, in which a variety of cameras can be combined.

For example, to check a non-transparent plastic bottle and its content, thermal imaging cameras and visual cameras are used at the same time. The thermal image sent to the system from the camera is then analysed by the image processing software. The external features of the packaging are inspected by visual cameras. All algorithms developed for use in the visible range can also be applied in the infrared range.

Other possible applications in the food industry include bonding checks on external packaging and the continuous temperature measurement of foodstuffs in the production process. In the automotive sector, weld seams and adhesive beads can be inspected.

The multi-camera system can be integrated into machinery to deliver real-time capability by means of the Sercos field-bus (real-time Ethernet), among others.


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