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Camat 1.7 software release

Vision and Control has released software developments for its Camat compact vision systems. The cameras now provide dimensional checking, including measurement of distances, circle diameters, angles and corners.

The measuring tool in the 1.7 software release allows users to measure the main properties of their products at low cost and with 100 per cent reliability without needing in-depth image processing knowledge.

A 'sliding gauge' function simplifies measuring and is supported by powerful sensor algorithms for precise edge detection. Measuring frequencies of up to 1,800 measurements per minute can be achieved.

Based on a 1/3-inch CMOS WVGA imaging sensor, models with defined measurement fields of 68 x 45mm², 111 x 72mm² and 120 x 80mm² are available. Models are supplied with CS-mount lens connection. Depending on the working distance and the lens used, an image resolution of less than 1μm/pixel can be achieved.

Equipped with this improved functionality, the Camat cameras open up price-sensitive application areas. The new measurement tools are available from the beginning of 2011, together with version 1.5 of the CamatUI graphical user interface.


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