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Camat S48 Multi-Head

Image processing specialists Vision & Control has extended its vision sensor platform Camat to include the new generation of vision sensors, Camat S48 Multi-Head.

The vision sensors can be configured with up to four remote sensor heads and integrate precision optics, powerful homogeneous LED lighting as well as high-resolution imaging sensors.

Intuitive step-by-step user guidance and simple setup of parameters via Auto-Teach-In functions enables optimal integration of the vision sensor in the image processing system.

The image data generated from high-resolution image sensors is transferred to the controller via a flexible cable, which is suitable for use in a drag chain. The high-performance software Vcwin ensures that a wide range of criteria can be verified, such as presence, position, location or completeness. The digital high-speed signal processor determines the inspection results, in real-time; these are exchanged with the production process via the on-board input and output signals.

The Camat S48 Multi-Head sensor heads measure 27.5 x 30 x 30mm and, weighing only 80g, can be easily mounted in the most constricted spaces. The IP67 housing is suitable for industrial applications and ensures operational reliability and a long lifetime even under difficult operating conditions.


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