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Vicosys multi-camera systems

The latest generation of multi-camera systems from Vision and Control has been announced and, according to the company, is twice as fast as its predecessor generation. The hardware platform is an energy-saving embedded PC that comes with an Intel Atom E3827 (2 x 1.75 GHz), while the new Vicosys multi-camera image processing systems feature a digital monitor connection with up to full HD resolution.

The compact industrial PC case is suitable for curtain wall mounting, and the passive and fanless integrated cooling system means the devices are almost wear-free and ideally suited for use in industry. The support for GigE vision cameras is connected by means of a four-channel PCIe PoE interface card, and opens up the possibility of even faster access to the latest technologies in image recording and camera techniques. There is also an option to connect IEEE1394 cameras.


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