S3088 Flex

Viscom has released the S3088 Flex system as an enhanced model to the S3088-III. Like its predecessors, the S3088 Flex is distinguished by a highly effective electronics assembly inspection

SPI inspection systems with SE500 sensor

Viscom's SPI inspection systems have been equipped with CyberOptics' 3D SPI sensor technology. The development and supply agreement allows for the integration of CyberOptics SE500 sensor technology into the Viscom PCB inspection platforms

S3016 inspection system

Viscom now offers the S3016 inspection system for inspecting electrical assemblies from below. This system is available with 8M camera technology

Software release 7.43

Viscom has introduced software release 7.43. The update contains new features and useful additional functions for programming and inspection mode


Viscom has released the S2088BO-II, a desktop system for automatic optical wirebond inspection


Viscom has introduced its 3D paste inspection system S3088VPI. The 3D technology for paste quality control provides precise measurement technology and offers reliable paste print inspection

Software tools for VHR camera module

Viscom, a manufacturer of wire bond inspection systems, has introduced new software tools for its VHR (Very High Resolution) camera module, which has the ability to provide exact measurements of balls and wedges


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