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vVision touch screen user interface

Viscom has introduced its new vVision touch screen-based user interface for handling inspection systems. According to the company, the modern design is self-explanatory and guides even the inexperienced operator quickly and surely to a highly capable inspection program. This software, it says, presents a captivating modern design, and navigation is simplified by use of a a touch screen. The software concentrates on essential setting combinations in order to reduce unnecessary entries and prevent complicated navigation of the options.

In addition to its simple handling, vVision also offers an entire package of new software features including a very effective component-oriented approach and arbitrary cross linking of inspection objects. Widely varying data formats can be used as input data, making operation more efficient and convenient. There are only three work areas for vVision: CAD transfer, optimisation and automatic operation. CAD transfer supports new program creation. Input data can be transferred in the most widely varying formats. Then, the components are automatically assigned to the existent inspection patterns of the vVision library. To support this, the comprehensive Viscom inspection library delivers IPC-compliant pre-set parameters, based on 25 years' experience in inspection technology. In this way, a new AOI system can be immediately deployed for quality assurance without comprehensive training or expert knowledge. Even beginners can quickly and easily arrive at a solid inspection-ready program with high inspection quality and a low false alarm rate.

The optimisation is a central feature of AOI systems. With it, inspection program quality is continually monitored and ascertained, so 100 per cent defect recognition can be achieved for all new electronic assembly layouts. Due to the automatic collection of verification image data, vVision accomplishes this optimisation with few parameters. The data can be archived and is available at any time to verify quality for audits.


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