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Closed tube for X7056 inspection system

Viscom has introduced a closed tube for the inspection system X7056. As before, the Viscom proprietary open tube will continue to find use where production times play a subordinate role. In contrast, the closed tube is preferred for high performance operation with short throughput times. In this way, production down time due to maintenance can be better planned.

The X7056 inspection system combines automatic optical inspection with in-line X-ray inspection in a single system. Apart from reliably detecting concealed defects, the system's X-ray unit can also be used for selective verification (AXI-OnDemand). This  provides a major advantage for inspection tasks that require an AOI with high throughput.

Generally the open tube is used where production time plays a less important role. The advantage of the open tube is its unlimited life span; all wearing parts are easily accessible for replacement.

However, the closed variant is preferred in high performance operation, for example in the automotive sector. Here it is essential to achieve short throughput times and prevent down time. One further advantage of the closed tube is the increased planning security of requisite maintenance and parts exchange with shorter ROI. Also, the closed tube eliminates the vacuum unit and a separate high voltage generator.

The X7056 provides resolutions of 5, 7 or 10µm/pixel for X-ray inspection. With an acceleration voltage of up to 130kV and maximum target performance of 39W, the newly deployed closed tube features solid penetration capabilities and a fast analysis.


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