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Q++ package for S3088 and S6056 AOI machines

Viscom has introduced the Q++ package, which is currently being deployed in S3088 and S6056 series machines. The package includes enhanced adjustment and calibration tasks as well as additional options for the self-monitoring system.

The Q++ package includes the launch of enhanced calibration routines and adjustment tasks, allowing Viscom customers to achieve the best possible inspection results at all times. Furthermore, Q++ makes it easier for customers to transfer inspection programs to other Viscom systems – a major advantage for corporations that standardise their inspection concepts at various production sites. Additionally, Q++ features system self-monitoring options, which provide the automatic monitoring of critical hardware. This guarantees process repeatability.

The S3088 system provides powerful, cost-effective automated optical inspection (AOI). The S6056 system is Viscom's high-end AOI line and was designed for extremely high-throughput inspection. It is available in three models: single and double track as well as the system series for parallel inspection of printed circuit boards. Both the S3088 and S6056 offer impressive precision and performance levels for automatic optical inspections.


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