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Software tools for VHR camera module

Viscom, a manufacturer of wire bond inspection systems, has introduced new software tools for its VHR (Very High Resolution) camera module, which has the ability to provide exact measurements of balls and wedges. With this technology, 25µm gold thin-wire wedge sizes can be measured with a standard deviation of 1µm. In addition to inspecting qualitative characteristics of wire bonds, balls and wedges statistical evaluation and trend analysis of critical geometric dimensions can also be performed in the production process.

Viscom equips its inspection systems with a comprehensive portfolio of algorithms to record geometric values during wire bond inspection. For gold wire bonds with diameters less than 25µm, the Viscom VHR module's illumination clearly enhances geometric features. The advantage of the Viscom system lies in its high accuracy. The VHR module's resolution of approximately 3µm per pixel produces standard deviations in wedge widths of 1µm.

For the user, this means that every change in the bond process can be discovered and any negative trend can be corrected immediately, proactively improving production quality. Not only does this new tool benefit customers with high volume production requirements, small-to-mid volume manufacturers in industries such as aerospace, aviation or  medical benefit by validating geometric specifications.

These measurement tools are available for all Viscom wire bond inspections. With help from the statistical process control VPC, measurement data can be pulled up quickly and intervention limits defined.


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