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Software release 7.43

Viscom has introduced software release 7.43. The update contains new features and useful additional functions for programming and inspection mode. A highlight is the improved in-line classification using additional colour defect images in an inclined view. This feature reduces human error and misclassifications made by employees at the classification station.

The classification station is used to reassess individual defects to determine whether they are real defects or false alarms. In practice, defects that have been detected by AOI systems as real defects are often incorrectly classified by the operator as false calls.

The release 7.43 can record additional defect images – both at an inclined angle and in colour – to ease defect assessment. This feature can be configured, allowing the system operator to decide what type of defect it will be used for.

This function is designed for in-line operation. For example, the images are automatically recorded and are still available when the assembly is no longer in the AOI system.


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