High-resolution zoom lens

Moritex has added a high-resolution zoom lens to its family of telecentric Machine Micro Lenses (MML). The lens is designed to exploit the full potential of Megapixel sensor cameras.

Facial Stage DM-3

Moritex has launched the Facial Stage DM-3. Based on a 5 Megapixel camera, the product provides professional skin counsellors and cosmeticians with a facial skin analysis system.

MSX-500Di digital microscope

The MSX-500Di digital microscope from Moritex incorporates a high quality CCD imaging system and adjustable high-intensity LED lighting enabling it to deliver sharp images from 1x to 500x magnification without changing lenses.

MH range of halogen light sources

Moritex has introduced the MH range of halogen lamp light sources for image processing applications. The light sources are designed to provide high power illumination (400 to 750nm) through a flexible light guide.

Prelude LED lighting

Moritex has developed its Prelude LED lighting range to combine affordability, reliability, performance and ease of integration with machine vision systems.

5M-HR telecentric lens

The 5M-HR telecentric lens from Moritex has been designed for use with high resolution camera sensors (5 Megapixel) with very small pixel pitch.

MLNL series of LEDs

The Moritex MLNL series of LED line illuminators have been designed to meet the requirements for high performance linear lighting or for single dimensional linear CCD camera lighting.


The LightScope mini from Moritex is a small-diameter industrial endoscope for remote viewing of inaccessible structures.

CCTV lens accessories

Moritex has introduced several new accessories to extend the capabilities of its range of compact and low mass CCTV lenses.


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