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CCTV lens accessories

Moritex has introduced several new accessories to extend the capabilities of its range of compact and low mass CCTV lenses.

A range of rear converter lenses, which can be attached between a CCTV lens and a CCD camera, allow adjustment of magnification without changing the working distance of the system. Moritex's mirror prism accessory enables the optical axis of CCTV lenses to be turned through 90°, and is therefore suitable for areas with limited space.

Moritex also offers a full line of CCTV lens accessory items such as close-up rings, glass covers, polarising filters, ring light mounting adapters and illumination systems.

Offering adjustable focus and iris rings, Moritex CCTV lenses give users full control over image focus, brightness and depth of field. Once set, both the focus and the iris can be locked in, thereby increasing the accuracy and reliability of the security vision system. Image magnification and operational working distances can be tailored to requirement by using an optional rear converter lens or close-up ring.


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