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Facial Stage DM-3

Moritex has launched the Facial Stage DM-3. Based on a 5 Megapixel camera, the product quickly records clear, high-resolution images providing professional skin counsellors and cosmeticians with a facial skin analysis system able to reveal blemishes invisible to the naked eye.

Diffuse white fluorescent lighting allows facial blemishes and wrinkles to be easily viewed, documented, and tracked. Skin colour can also be analysed, aiding in the selection of foundation.

In UV-capture mode, the face is analysed with black-light photography to reveal and measure blemishes, pigmentation, sebum deposits, sun damage, and more. Easy-to-use Moritex software measures pore size and the size and spreading of spots on the face. Images of the left and right profile can be captured, allowing detection of fine wrinkles around the corners of eyes.


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