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The LightScope mini from Moritex is a small-diameter industrial endoscope for remote viewing of inaccessible structures.

Measuring only 5mm in diameter the battery powered LightScope mini is supplied with a 1- or 3-metre long flexible plastic fibre image guide, providing a 27° view angle with a focal length variable from 10mm to infinity. 


Operating from 0 to 60°C the LightScope mini is equipped with the highest quality optics to ensure distortion free viewing with true colour reproduction. The fully waterproof endoscope comes with image fibre, an integral light source and a straight-on viewing optical system. Optional accessories include lighting systems and adapters for side viewing and mounting of digital cameras.

Offering ease of use and good cost/performance the LightScope mini is the perfect tool for inspection applications including machinery repairs as well as aircraft, automotive and diesel engine inspections.   

The use of Moritex LightScopes in these applications has proven to reduce dismantling time, thereby decreasing costs and increasing work efficiency allowing the user to discover potential problems early, before they cause damage. Within the security field, Moritex LightScopes are enabling internal examination of suspicious baggage and deliveries without opening the packages or endangering the user.


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