MSDC dome lighting

Schott and Moritex have launched a new dome lighting product series, the latest addition to the MG-Wave series

MiniMML integrated vision unit

Schott and Moritex have launched their miniMML integrated vision unit. The unit has a telecentric lens system with two independent LED illuminators and a camera inside the 15mm body

IR-MEMS Inspector

Schott and Moritex have released an innovative inspection system for silicon wafers in MEMS manufacturing

MML05-ST300DVI telecentric lens

Schott and Moritex have introduced the MML05-ST300DVI telecentric lens with 0.5-fold magnification and coaxial illumination, which is particularly well suited for applications in narrow working spaces

High brightness LED light line

Moritex and Schott has released its redesigned high brightness LED light line. It offers 2 million lux of light intensity, with high uniformity and strobe capability


Moritex Schott has developed the ML-L00502, a new lens for high definition line scan cameras, offering an exact, high contrast picture display at a screen diagonal of up to 62mm

CCTV MP3 series lenses

Moritex and Schott have introduced the CCTV MP3 series of lenses for use in machine vision. The lenses mean industrial processes can be monitored with image resolution of 3 megapixels at distances of up to 0.2m

ML-L12K5A lenses

Moritex and Schott have launched the ML-L12K5A series of lenses. The range was developed to suit the latest generation of CCD sensors in line scan cameras.

LLS 2 light source

Moritex and Schott have introduced the LLS 2 light source for machine vision applications, combining LED and fibre optic technologies.


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