Matrix Vision

Matrix Vision

Matrix Vision (B5.202) will introduce the standalone PC version of the MvImpact Configuration Studio

Matrix Vision

Matrix Vision will present camera models based on Sony Pregius sensors with up to 12 megapixel resolution

MvImpact-CS Release 2.1

Release Version 2.1 of the 'mvIMPACT Configuration Studio', or mvIMPACT-CS for short, has been issued; it comes with a variety of new features and is now also available for use on a PC


With Starvis, Sony has introduced a new range of CMOS sensors. These rolling shutter sensors offer increased light sensitivity, as they are back-illuminated

MvBlueGemini 1.4

Matrix Vision has released MvBlueGemini 1.4, bringing together the MvBlueGemini smart camera and the MvImpact Configuration Studio

Matrix Vision

Since 1986 MATRIX VISION is an innovative and trustworthy partner in the image processing market. The product portfolio ranges from high-quality 2D digital cameras, a new revolutionary 3D/6D camera to smart cameras with intuitive configurable software for all machine vision beginners and allows saving a lot of time for advanced users.


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