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MvBlueNaos cameras

The mvBlueNAOS uses the direct way - PCI Express - for image transmission. This interface is a standard that is used in all PC systems as well as in embedded processor platforms. The mvBlueNAOS camera modules can therefore be utilized irrespective of platforms. GenICam-compatible software support ensures compatibility with existing image processing programs, thereby also guaranteeing platform independence on the software side. The first models with Sony Pregius and Pregius S sensors offer resolutions ranging from 1.6MP to 24.6MP and are available right now. The PCIe x4 interface allows transmission rates up to 1.6 GB/s and therefore has enough space for higher bit depths, simultaneous image pre-processing and future sensors with higher frame rates.

In many areas of image processing, especially with mobile devices and in edge computing, embedded vision modules are becoming increasingly more relevant as a component. In order to also offer a camera platform for complex applications, MATRIX VISION equipped the new mvBlueNAOS camera modules with PCI Express, the cross-platform high-performance interface.

New yardstick for embedded vision

By using the platform-independent PCI Express interface, the mvBlueNAOS2 offers the maximum possible transfer rates. Image data can be transferred directly to the memory (DMA - direct memory access) with almost zero latency and without any overhead or diversions via additional interfaces. Complex applications, which approach the limits of what is technically feasible, can be implemented while the overall system costs remain low.

PCI Express - the hidden champion

The PCI Express interface is responsible for direct access to the memory and processor in computers and also on embedded processor boards. The interface is also being continually enhanced. Thanks to parallel use of several lanes, the efficiency of PCI Express can be scaled to an extremely high degree, thereby providing high investment security in the future.

The latest global shutter sensors from the Sony Pregius and Pregius S series are used in the mvBlueNAOS2 family. Thanks to their superb image quality coupled with a small pixel size and high transfer rates, these sensors offer the ideal properties for this camera platform.

A wide range of processor architectures based on NVIDIA, ARM and x86 are supported by the supplied mvIMPACT Acquire SDK image processing software. The GenlCam GenTL Producer enables compatibility with existing software and ensures smooth switching between different hardware platforms.

Adapter boards or plug-in cards are available for the respective computer platforms.

High flexibility for embedded vision solutions

The mvBlueNAOS camera family has a modular design and uses components from the camera module kit of MATRIX VISION. This leads to a large number of equipment options which can fulfill many different requirements in regard to camera lens mounts and optical filters. The module kit is a flexible basis for special developments of individual assemblies.


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