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MvBlueNaos evaluation kit

With the mvBlueNAOS Evaluation Kit MATRIX VISION offers a complete package with all necessary components for image capture and image processing for the realization of demanding embedded vision applications. The kit contains industrial standard components which can also be used in final series production. The central components of the kit are a 5 MPixel camera module from the mvBlueNAOS line with the platform-independent PCI Express interface as well as a powerful NVIDIA Xavier NX processor module with Auvidea JNX30 carrier board. All necessary cables and adapters as well as an industrial camera lens are included in the kit. The high-performance and robust mvIMPACT Acquire SDK is already pre-installed meaning installation is no longer required. Nothing stands in the way of a quick start to an embedded vision solution.

Quick start to embedded vision developments

In many areas of image processing, especially with mobile devices and in edge computing, embedded vision modules are becoming increasingly more relevant as a component. In order to enable a quick entry to this technology, MATRIX VISION combined all important components in an Evaluation Kit. The Evaluation Kit is equipped with a 5 MPixel camera module from our high-performance line mvBlueNAOS with PCI Express interface. The mvBlueNAOS uses a direct path - PCI Express - for image transmission. The interface is a standard that is used in all PC systems as well as in embedded processor platforms. The mvBlueNAOS camera modules can therefore be utilized irrespective of platforms. GenICam-compatible software support ensures compatibility with existing image processing programs, thereby also guaranteeing platform independence.

The NVIDIA Xavier NX processor module with Auvidea JNX30 carrier board included in the scope of supply combines excellent computing power with a compact design and low energy consumption. This combination combines many benefits specially for mobile applications and AI-based solutions.

All necessary cables and adapters for start-up, as well as an industrial camera lens, which guarantees high-quality image recording, are included.

The Evaluation Kit is available now under the designation MV-BN2-5M-C-NVIDIA-NX16-EKIT. Other Evaluation Kits based on alternative processor platforms are already in the pipeline.


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