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MvBlueCougar-XT cameras

The first models of the mvBlueCOUGAR-XT camera range were equipped with the high-speed sensor models IMX530 (24.6 MP), IMX531 (20.4 MP) and IMX532 (16.2 MP) from the Pregius S Gen4 CMOS range from Sony. More sensors are now available with IMX535 (12.4 MP), IMX536 (8.1 MP) and IMX537 (5.1 MP).

With the Pregius S Gen4 sensors, Sony has once again improved the performance of the Global Shutter IMX CMOS sensors. With the BSI pixel architecture (BSI = back side illumination), the electronics are fitted on the back of the sensors and do not further restrict the light-sensitive area. This means that the Gen4 sensors achieve better images with a pixel size of only 2.74µm. The mvBlueCOUGAR-XT camera range combines the performance of the image sensors with a 10GigE interface and resistant IP67 casing for the industrial environment. Thanks to the particularly high net data rate of 1245 MB/s, frame rates of up to 50.5 FPS are achieved with a resolution of 24.6 MP.


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