EyeVBox 1

EVT has released the EyeVBox 1 image processing system, which offers a dual-core 64-bit x86 CPU as well as two USB 3.0 ports and six USB 2.0 ports

EyeScan LZ 3D sensor

EVT now offers a profile camera with the EyeScan LZ 3D sensor, ideal for measuring height profiles of moving or static objects

EyeSpector 1002L

EVT has released EyeSpector 1002L, a compact smart line scan camera with onboard EyeVision software for image processing

Glass Wafer Inspection system

Eye Vision Technology (EVT) has released its Glass Wafer Inspection (GWI) system, designed to detect defects in glass wafers early in the production cycle


EVT has launched the EyePlateReader system, based on the EyeVision image processing software, which is designed to recognise, read and evaluate number plates

EyeCheck 8000

EVT has introduced the EyeCheck 8000, a smart camera platform with up to four sensor heads


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