RazerCam series and iZControl

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Eye Vision Technology has released new smart cameras with FPGA for high speed machine vision. The RazerCam series is small with powerful processing capabilities and is based on the Xilinx ZYNQ SoC. Equipped with a Dual Core ARM, user programmable FPGA and 10 free-programmable IOs, the RazerCam hardware is a compact machine vision system for industrial automation.

The RazerCam is equipped with either CMOS or CCD sensors with global exposure in different resolutions, in grey or in colour, and a variety of industrial field-bus standards, such as CAN/RS485.

The system is designed for applications such as industrial automation, motion control, machine vision, robot, and automatic guided vehicles (AGV).

The company has also unveiled the iZControl which offers the complete control of mouse, keyboard, monitor connection, and mass storage and fits into a box of 50 x 70 x 15mm to run the RazerCam smart camera as standalone system with monitor.

iZControl is not only for use with the RazerCam, but also for the EyeCheck smart camera series.