Smart line scan camera

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Eye Vision Technology (EVT) has introduced a new intelligent line scan camera with the integrated evaluation software EyeVision. The camera uses a sensor from Awaiba which can be combined with a camera board from Phytec.

With a resolution of 2,048 pixels, the smart camera reaches a line scan rate of 19.5Hz. Higher line scan rates are also possible, because the ROI (region of interest) is located in the camera. The data has to be digitised quickly to extract the data from the camera. Also for a higher data rate, the sensor has a multi-channel readout.

The line scan camera allows continuous as well as triggered image capture. The camera is also equipped with an HDMI connection for fully digital transfer of the result data.

The camera’s Linux operating system runs EyeVision image processing software; the complete graphical user interface of EyeVision is available for the user.

The combination of EyeVision software and smart line scan camera can be used for surface inspection of materials such as glass, paper, wood, fabric or steel in high resolution.