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EyeSens Weld

EVT has introduced the EyeSens Weld, a profile scanner for the inspection of weld seams. The profile scanner measures the elevation profile of the weld seam by projecting a laser line onto the object. The laser line profile is captured by an integrated camera and evaluated by onboard software.

EyeSens Weld can determine if the weld has an end crater, width and length of the weld seam, if the weld seam is missing, undercuts, and holes and surface pores on the weld seam.

The laser line captured by the camera is digitised and converted into real world coordinates. The sensor has a frame rate of up to 1Hz and a working distance of approximately 80 to 240mm. The camera can detect laser wavelengths of 635nm and 660nm, depending on the sensor model. The system can be controlled via a web browser.


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