The RazerCam smart camera series by EVT also includes a line scan camera. A typical application for such cameras is the print inspection.

EyeMIO Light controller

EVT presents the new light controller for difficult lighting situations. The EyeMIO Light controller can be connected to systems with RS232, USB and Ethernet

Glass half full

Greg Blackman on the intricacies of the lighting and camera systems required for high-speed glass inspection

EyeVision 3.0

EyeVision 3.0 - the new release of the reliable image processing software - now also runs on the Currera R smart camera by XIMEA, on Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows


The EyeVBox systems by EVT are specially designed to create image processing solutions

EyeSens Weld

EVT has introduced the EyeSens Weld, a profile scanner for the inspection of weld seams

EyeSens AdBead

Eye Vision Technology has presented the EyeSens AdBead, a tool for the inspection of adhesive beads. Due to the use of a profile scanner, adhesive beads can even be measured when the contrast is low

Smart line scan camera

Eye Vision Technology (EVT) has introduced a new intelligent line scan camera with the integrated evaluation software EyeVision


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