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EyeSpector 1002L

EVT has released EyeSpector 1002L, a compact smart line scan camera with onboard EyeVision software for image processing.

The camera has continuous and frame-oriented image acquisition modes. Continuous image acquisition is suitable for inspecting roll-fed material such as plastic foil, paper, metal, or cloth. In contrast, the frame-oriented mode was developed for long objects such as planks, poles or boards.

The camera is also ideal for solar inspection, for example monitoring laser scribing of thin-film solar cells. Here, the monitoring-system can guide laser scribing in real time with an accuracy of up to 1µm.

EyeSpector 1002L offers computing power of 3,200 MIPS and 32MB DRAM, as well as 4MB Flash EPROM for program and data storage. Maximum line rate is 11kHz. The 1002L smart camera is robust and insensitive to vibration. The camera has four inputs and four outputs for direct handling of external components and can be connected to a PLC easily.


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