EyeSens Pin1 vision sensor

EVT has added the EyeSens Pin1 vision sensor to its EyeSens series, which combines a powerful sensor with selected EyeVision image processing commands

EyeSens ProfileInspect

The EyeSens ProfileInspect system from EVT is a system for measuring the dimensions or complete cross-sectional profiles of pipes made of metal, plastics or rubber


With the new version of the image processing software EyeVision by EVT, the configuration of the EyeSens vision sensors is easier and can be carried out without a PC


EVT's new EyeSens vision sensor series aims to provide easy programming and fast evaluation of inspection tasks

EyeSens OCR

The vision sensor EyeSens OCR from EVT allows users to verify a range of characters


EyeVision image processing software by EVT has a new face: the revised graphical user interface (GUI) is now arranged more clearly and designed more intuitively


Users of EyeBlock by EVT can create an image processing solution with its graphical user interface and also create an embedded solution


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