Allied Vision

Mobile vision

Rob Coppinger on how machine vision solutions are being applied in traffic monitoring and enforcement

Precision packing

Greg Blackman looks at some of the vision solutions employed on packaging lines

Prosilica GX2750

Allied Vision Technologies has released the Prosilica GX2750, a 6 Megapixel camera featuring the new Sony ICX694 EXview HAD CCD sensor


Allied Vision Technologies has released the Bonito camera family (originally from VDS Vosskühler) combining high resolution with very high image rates

Prosilica GT

Allied Vision Technologies has introduced the Prosilica GT, a range of GigE Vision compliant digital cameras specially designed to perform in extreme environments and fluctuating lighting conditions

Imaging games

Stephen Mounsey looks at the crossover between machine vision and video games

Manta cameras

Allied Vision Technologies is expanding its Manta camera series. Alongside two new models, each member of the family is getting new firmware

On the road again

Greg Blackman looks at some examples of intelligent transport systems in use for traffic monitoring and enforcement

How's that?

Greg Blackman on the use of imaging in sport, from ball-tracking technology used by commentators to advanced sport science research in training top athletes


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