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Prosilica GT2000, GT3300, and GT6600

Allied Vision Technologies has launched the Prosilica GT2000, the 8 Megapixel Prosilica GT3300, and the 29 Megapixel Prosilica GT6600.

The Prosilica GT2000 is a 2.2 Megapixel camera featuring the Cmosis CMV2000, a global shutter CMOS sensor that offers high sensitivity, fast frame rates, and high dynamic range. The camera runs at 50fps at full 2,048 x 1,088 resolution.

The Prosilica GT3300 and GT6600 bring very high resolution to the Prosilica GT family of Gigabit Ethernet cameras. The 8 Megapixel GT3300 features the KAI-08050 CCD progressive scan sensor from Truesense Imaging, which provides exceptional image quality, high sensitivity and dynamic range, improved anti-blooming and reduced smear. Dividing the sensor into a four quadrant parallel readout allows this device to support 14fps at full 3,296 x 2,472 resolution.

The 29 Megapixel GT6600 features the KAI-29050 CCD device from Truesense Imaging, which, supported by the 5.5µm pixel architecture from the KAI sensor family, provides high sensitivity and low noise performance. The sensor’s vertical overflow drain structure design suppresses image blooming and enables electronics shuttering for precise exposure control. The camera outputs 6,576 x 4,384 pixels at 4fps.

The Prosilica GT3300 and GT6600 are both equipped with an F-mount as standard, with an M58 mount option available on the GT6600. They are compatible with a wide-range of high quality commercial and industrial lenses.

The Prosilica GT cameras are designed to work in temperatures from -20°C to 60°C and feature auto-iris (P-iris and DC), Power over Ethernet and PTP IEEE1588, a function that manages clock synchronisation of multiple devices across an Ethernet network. Their GigE Vision compliant interface ensures reduced integration costs and long cable lengths up to 100 metres on a single copper link or more with fibre optics.

The cameras are ideal for a wide range of demanding applications including industrial imaging, inspection, medical imaging, LCD inspection, aerial imaging, high-end security and traffic and much more.


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