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Allied Vision Technologies has released the Bonito camera family (originally from VDS Vosskühler) combining high resolution with very high image rates.

The Bonito is equipped with a CMOS sensor and offers 4 Megapixel resolution (2,320 x 1,726). Thanks to global shutter and short exposure times, it can capture rapidly moving objects distortion-free. The camera is available in monochrome or colour versions with a C-mount, F-mount or EF-mount.

With the dual 10-tap Camera Link Full+ interface, the Bonito is capable of transferring up to 386 images per second at full resolution. However, with just one 10-tap Camera Link channel, the camera can be operated at a reduced image rate of 193fps. For applications where this lower image rate suffices, AVT offers all Bonito models in an entry-level version with 193fps.

A ROI (Region of Interest) function is provided, which reduces the resolution of only a portion of the image to be transmitted, raising the image rate accordingly. Thus, the Bonito delivers far over 1,000 fps with the appropriate ROI adjustment.

As a high-output, high-speed camera, the Bonito is especially suited for demanding industrial, scientific and medical imaging applications where rapid motion sequences must be inspected with the highest precision.


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