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Bigeye G-283B

Allied Vision Technologies has expanded its Bigeye family of cooled CCD cameras with the Bigeye G-283B. The camera is equipped with a Sony ICX674 monochrome CCD-sensor chip with 2.8 Megapixels resolution offering outstanding quantum efficiency and dynamic range. The model was developed with a focus on high-quality images. It delivers up to 6fps at full resolution in 14-bit mode.

Like all members of the Bigeye family, this camera is fitted with a Peltier module, cooling the sensor down to -10°C. As a result, the Bigeye G-283 delivers a excellent signal-to-noise ratio even with long exposure times. The camera is ideal for industrial and scientific imaging applications, fluorescent microscopy, low-light imaging and non-destructive evaluation of photo-sensitive objects.

The camera is the first Bigeye model to include an upgraded AVT interface module. The new Gigabit Ethernet interface module offers improved functionality: its 20-pin serial MRD interface provides four inputs and four outputs and two RS232 connectors are available additionally.

Furthermore, the new module supports AVT’s multi-platform PvAPI software development kits (SDK), allowing for an easier and more efficient control of camera functions. Thanks to the AVT GigE SDK, the camera can be integrated easily in machine vision systems while the full GigE Vision compliance makes it possible to operate the camera with a large choice of third-party image processing libraries.


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