Allied Vision

Prosilica GT cameras

Allied Vision Technologies has released eight new models from the Prosilica GT family of cameras for extreme environments

The killer application

The infrared sensing technology deployed by the military is such that it can now detect gunfire at 500m. Rob Coppinger discovers how imaging equipment is saving lives on the battlefield

Mic401ET microscope

Omek Optics of Israel, a supplier of high-end industrial microscopes, has teamed up with Allied Vision Technologies to provide systems for industrial inspection of microelectronics components

Manta cameras

Allied Vision Technologies has released four new models from the popular Manta family of GigE Vision compliant cameras

Bigeye G-283B

Allied Vision Technologies has expanded its Bigeye family of cooled CCD cameras with the Bigeye G-283B

Cameras ISO 13485:2010 certified

Allied Vision Technologies (AVT) now complies with the ISO 13485:2010 norm for the development and production of digital cameras and components used for image processing in medical devices


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