Allied Vision

Vision under the hood

Greg Blackman looks at the vision equipment inspecting car manufacturing lines, a highly automated factory environment and a big user of machine vision

Goldeye, Mako, and Manta cameras

At Vision 2014, Allied Vision introduced new models of its Goldeye infrared camera series, four new Mako models ranging from VGA to 5 megapixels, and new models in its Manta camera family

Vimba 1.3 SDK

Allied Vision Technologies (AVT), a world-leading manufacturer of industrial cameras, has released a new version of its Vimba SDK

Goldeye infrared camera

Allied Vision Technologies' new Goldeye infrared camera delivers best-in-class infrared images while being totally industry-compatible.

Mako camera family

Allied Vision Technologies has introduced the first six models of its Mako camera family. The Mako is an ultra-compact digital camera for machine vision applications

Goldeye series

Allied Vision Technologies has launched its Goldeye camera series, which will be available in the first quarter of 2014

Industrial ideas meet consumer needs

Systems developed for applications such as inspecting electronic components are finding their way into sports coverage, real estate, marketing and gaming. Siân Harris finds out why

State of play

What are the key talking points for the vision industry as we move into 2014? We asked a number of industry experts for their views on the current state of the industry and the year ahead

Here comes the sun

Greg Blackman on how infrared and thermal imaging can maximise the efficiency of solar panels


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