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Goldeye, Mako, and Manta cameras

At Vision 2014, Allied Vision introduced new models of its Goldeye infrared camera series, four new Mako models ranging from VGA to 5 megapixels, and new models in its Manta camera family, including the Manta G-235 with Sony’s IMX174 CMOS sensor.

The Goldeye is a Short-Wave Infrared camera (SWIR) that exhibits sensitivity between 900 and 1,700 nm. The new Goldeye G-033 features the latest InGaAs image sensor technology. It offers the same sensor resolution as the Goldeye G-032 (640 x 512 Pixels). However, with its smaller pixel size (15 µm vs. 25 µm), it can be used with more affordable lenses.

The Goldeye G-033 stands out of the crowd of SWIR cameras with InGaAs sensors with its very high frame rate. The new camera delivers more than 230 frames per seconds (fps) at full resolution in 12 bit mode. Reducing the resolution to QVGA (320 x 240) allows for a frame rate over 900 fps. This makes the Goldeye G-033 the perfect choice for many demanding applications requiring high speed, such as inline inspection (e.g. hot-end glass inspection) or plastics sorting using hyperspectral imaging in the recycling industry.

At VISION 2014, Allied Vision will also unveil the Cool version of the Goldeye for the first time. As a standard, all Goldeye models come with an active sensor cooling that ensures low-noise, high quality infrared images. The Goldeye G-032 and Goldeye G-033 are fitted with a fan-less Peltier element TEC1 (Thermo Electric Cooling), which can cool the sensor down by 30 K vs. housing temperature.

The new Goldeye G-032 Cool features a two-stage Peltier module (TEC2) and a nitrogen cooling chamber. It can cool the sensor down by up to 60K. This enhanced sensor cooling reduces the dark current noise and allows for very long exposure times up to 10 seconds. This capability is very useful in demanding industrial and scientific applications, for example in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries in which inspection tasks performed, using photoluminescence, require long exposure times.

As an expert for machine vision cameras, Allied Vision designed the new Goldeye for industrial conditions.

The standard housing of the new Goldeye cameras is very compact. With 55mm x 55mm x 78 mm, Goldeye is the smallest SWIR camera with Gigabit Ethernet interface in the market. The interface is compliant with the GigE Vision standard. As a result, the camera can easily be operated in combination with the most popular image-processing libraries. With Power over Ethernet, one cable is enough to power the camera and transmit image data over up to 100 meters.

The new Goldeye can sustain harsh operating conditions. The rugged housing supports an extended temperature range from -20°C to +50°C. It also features fitting screw threads on all sides but the rear to easily and securely mount the camera into an automated system. System integration is also made easier by the multiple trigger and synchronization possibilities given by the I/O port (2 in / 3 out) and the RS232 interface.

The larger Goldeye Cool models (80 mm x 80 mm x 90 mm) are tailored for particularly demanding applications requiring very high image quality and long exposure times.

Mako cameras 

Since its introduction at VISION 2012, Allied Vision’s Mako camera series has successfully established itself in the market as an entry-level digital camera offering an unbeatable price-performance ratio. At this year’s VISION show, the leading camera manufacturer expands the Mako range with four new models, each of which address specific applications needs.

The Mako G-030 targets industrial inspection applications with a high throughput. It features the new CMV300 CMOS sensor from CMOSIS. This global shutter imager with fast readout allows for a frame rate of up to 309 fps at full VGA resolution. Thanks to its High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode and built-in defect pixel correction, the Mako G-030 delivers excellent image quality.

Allied Vision integrated two new Sony CCD sensors with a very high sensitivity and outstanding dynamic range into the Mako series. The Mako G-050 features the ICX693 with 0.5 Megapixels and the Mako G-095 the ICX692 with 0.9 Megapixels/720p HD resolution. Both sensors outperform comparable sensors on all major sensitivity and image quality criteria: dark noise, quantum efficiency, dynamic range, and full-well/saturation capacity. The best part is: they also deliver higher frame rates for even more performant imaging systems.

With their high dynamic range, these two new Mako models are ideally suited for image-processing applications in low-light conditions, for example in robotics, microscopy or surveillance.

With 5 Megapixels, the Mako G-503 is the new top-resolution camera in the Mako family. It is fitted with a rolling shutter CMOS sensor from Aptina and delivers 14 fps at full resolution. This new camera the best choice for users looking for a high resolution at an affordable price for applications in which precision is key.

Manta models

Allied Vision introduces two new models in its best-selling camera family, Manta. The Manta G-235 features Sony’s new IMX174 CMOS global shutter sensor and provides outstanding sensitivity. The Manta G-505 delivers high frame rates at 5 Megapixels resolution.

Allied Vision designed the new Manta G-235 around Sony’s IMX174, the new benchmark for global shutter CMOS sensors, to deliver an amazing image quality. Sensitivity criteria such as its high quantum efficiency, very low noise, more than 70dB dynamic range and an extremely high saturation capacity outperform not only other CMOS sensors but also many CCD imagers. In order to deliver the full quality of this outstanding sensor architecture, the Manta G-235 delivers its image data at 12bit depth.

Not only does the Manta G-235 provide high resolution (2.3 Megapixels) and high image quality, it also delivers high speed. With 57 fps at Full-HD resolution (1920x1080), it is one of the fastest GigE Vision cameras in the market. Thanks to Allied Vision’s modular concept, the Manta G-235 is also available in  board level or angled head variants.

The new Manta G-505 is equipped with the Sony ICX625 CCD imager providing 5 Megapixels resolution and excellent image quality. Thanks to its advanced tap balance technology, the Manta G-505 delivers 15 fps, a high frame rate with respect to its high resolution.

Like all models of the Manta family, Manta G-235 and Manta G-505 stand out of the crowd with their modular design, best-in-class sensor alignment and rugged industrial quality. For example, they are equipped with opto-isolated I/O ports and can be powered with industrial voltage up to 24 Volts. With their optional Power over Ethernet capability, they may also be powered directly via the GigE cable. All this makes these cameras top choices for industrial inspection applications such as the automotive, electronics or food industry.

Manta cameras are easy to integrate into an imaging system thanks to Allied Vision’s Software Development Kit, VIMBA. Available free of charge, VIMBA is compatible with all popular image-processing libraries.  


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