Allied Vision

Goldeye camera series

Allied Vision extends its high-performance short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera series, previously only available with GigE Vison interface, by three new models with Camera Link interface

Prosilica GT

Allied Vision has extended its Prosilica GT Large Format camera family with a new lens mount option

Mako G-234

A new Mako model within the ultra-compact, low priced camera family for easy integration into standard imaging processing systems is now available as serial product

Freeze frame

While imaging at high speed used to require a dedicated camera, now - with the advances in CMOS technology - machine vision in general is getting faster, as Greg Blackman discovers

Pills packaged to perfection

Greg Blackman looks at where vision technology is used on pharma packaging lines, from blister pack inspection to track-and-trace

Goldeye G-008 SWIR

Allied Vision's new entry-level Goldeye model for the short wave infrared spectrum (SWIR), the Goldeye G-008 SWIR, combines all the features of the current line-up with a smaller resolution sensor

Vision in lane

Jessica Rowbury looks at the latest vision technology for ITS, including a system for monitoring six lanes of traffic

Mako camera family

At the Vision China show in Shanghai, Allied Vision released six new models of its popular Mako camera family

Mako camera family

Allied Vision has released five new models of its Mako camera family. New CMOS and CCD sensors from Cmosis, e2v and Sony offer high sensitivity and up to 309fps at VGA resolution


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