Goldeye G-008 SWIR

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Allied Vision’s new entry-level Goldeye model for the short wave infrared spectrum (SWIR), the Goldeye G-008 SWIR, combines all the features of the current line-up with a smaller resolution sensor.

The Goldeye G-008 SWIR is fitted with a QVGA InGaAs sensor (320 x 256 pixels, 30µm pixel size) making it sensitive in the short wave infrared spectrum ranging from 900nm to 1,700nm. The smaller imager reduces the cost compared to the existing VGA resolution models, making it ideally suited to applications for which the lower resolution is sufficient, such as hyperspectral imaging applications.

Delivering 346fps at full resolution, the camera’s industrial-grade housing is robust and compact (55 x 55 x 78mm) to fit into the smallest machines. Various mounting possibilities, extensive I/O functionalities and a large choice of lens mount options ensure an even easier integration.

The Goldeye G-008 SWIR relies on the GigE Vision industrial standard as an interface. Thanks to its GenICam compatibility, the camera can easily be used with popular image processing libraries. With Allied Vision’s software development kit, Vimba, which is available free of charge to Allied Vision customers, users can program their application across platforms (Windows, Linux, etc.).

The Goldeye G-008 SWIR also features all image correction and optimisation functionalities of the Goldeye family, such as advanced image correction algorithms and fan-less sensor cooling using a thermoelectric module (TEC 1) for low-noise images.