Vimba 1.3 SDK

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Allied Vision Technologies (AVT), a world-leading manufacturer of industrial cameras, has released a new version of its Vimba SDK. Vimba is AVT’s platform-independent Software Development Kit.

Vimba 1.3 expands the platform support to ARMv7. ARM systems are increasingly popular in the consumer electronics and IT industry and open new possibilities as a simple, compact and cost-effective host for machine vision systems. Vimba 1.3 also supports OpenMP, nearly utilizing the full capabilities of multiprocessor systems to speed up image conversions.

Cross-platform development: ARM-programming on Linux PC
Development on ARM platforms is particularly convenient with Vimba thanks to platform-independent APIs for C and C++ and the support of cross-platform development. Users can easily program and test their application on a Linux-based PC and compile it for their ARM system, shortening development time. AVT provides prepared Makefiles and an Application Note for cross-compiling from Linux/x86 to Linux/ARM.

Vimba 1.3 for ARM supports soft-float and hard-float platforms. It has been tested on the ODROID-XU, PandaBoard and BeagleBone Black boards, as well as the Operating systems Ubuntu 12.04 hard-float,  Ubuntu 11.10 soft-float and Angstrom hard-float.

Like previous versions, Vimba 1.3 is GenICam compliant and compatible with all major image-processing libraries. Vimba 1.3 is available free of charge for download on the AVT Website.