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Mako camera family

At the Vision China show in Shanghai, Allied Vision released six new models of its popular Mako camera family. New CMOS and CCD from CMOSIS, e2v, Sony and OnSemi offer high sensitivity and up to 309 fps at VGA resolution. As a world premiere, the camera manufacturer also announced a new series of Mako models with USB3 Vision interface.

Mako G-030: High-Speed GigE with more than 300 frames per second

The Mako G-030 targets industrial inspection applications with a high throughput. It features the new CMV300 CMOS sensor from CMOSIS. This global shutter imager with fast readout allows for a frame rate of up to 309 fps at full VGA resolution. Thanks to its High Dynamic Range mode (HDR) and built-in defect pixel correction, the Mako G-030 delivers excellent image quality.

Dynamic Duo: Mako G-050 and Mako G-095 with new CCD sensors

Allied Vision integrates two new Sony CCD sensors with a very high sensitivity and outstanding dynamic range into the Mako series. The Mako G-050 features the ICX693 with 0.5 Megapixels and the Mako G-095 the ICX692 with 0.9 Megapixels/720p HD resolution. Both sensors outperform comparable sensors on all major sensitivity and image quality criteria: dark noise, quantum efficiency, dynamic range, and full-well/saturation capacity. They also deliver high frame rates. With their high dynamic range, these two new Mako models are ideally suited for low light image-processing applications such as microscopy and surveillance.

Mako G-131 and Mako G-192: CMOS sensors from e2v

Two additional models with CMOS sensors have been added in the middle of the Mako range: Mako G-131 and Mako G-192 with 1.3 and 1.9 Megapixels respectively. Both cameras feature Sapphire CMOS sensors from e2v (EV76C560 and EV76C570) with switchable shutter modes (rolling/global/global reset). Both models offer a high frame rate with regards to their resolution (62 and 60 fps).

Mako G-503: High resolution for an attractive price

The new Mako G-503 is fitted with a CMOS sensor from OnSemi (Aptina MT9P031/MT9P006) that offers 5 megapixels resolution at an attractive price. Thanks to its defect pixel correction, it delivers high image quality for industrial inspection tasks.

Coming soon: Mako U-models with USB3 Vision interface and OnSemi Python CMOS sensors

At Vision China in Shanghai, Allied Vision unveiled its next expansion plans of the Mako camera family. The brand’s popular entry-level model will be available with USB3 Vision interface in June 2015, but visitors of the Allied Vison booth in Shanghai could already see a live demonstration of the upcoming USB version.

At market introduction, four models will be available with resolutions from VGA (0.3 Megapixels) to 5 Megapixels. All of them are fitted with the latest CMOS sensor technology from OnSemi. With their USB3 Vision compliant interface, the new models will deliver very high frame rates with up to 620 fps at VGA resolution.

“We are excited to celebrate this world premiere at Vision China”, said Peter Yeo, Sales Manager China and head of the company’s Shanghai-based office. “This demonstrates Allied Vision’s commitment to the Chinese market, which is a strong growth driver for the company”.


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